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Water Heater Repair in Cincinnati, OH

Water heaters have an operational life span of between eight and twelve years. Getting the most out of your system requires conducting regular maintenance and repairs. Our crews are skilled technicians who can help maintain your system and identify minor repairs before they cause major problems.

Contact Dick Scott Plumbing, Heating and Air at (513) 921-2254 for more information about water heater repair. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and schedule an appointment for our crews to inspect your system.

Causes of Water Heater Failure

Water heaters are not complex machines. However, when one component begins to fail, it can cause the entire system to stop functioning properly. When it comes to the causes of hot water heater failures, the following are the most common causes we encounter:

  • No Hot Water. This is often caused by problems with the gas pilot light, a damaged thermocouple, or a malfunctioning gas control valve. If it’s an electric unit, the problem could be related to the thermostat or the heating element.
  • Sediment in the Tank. If you have “hard” water in your home, sediment can build up quickly and diminish the operational effectiveness of your hot water heater.
  • Disconnected Dip Tube. If the dip tube is damaged or disconnected, it can reduce the amount of hot water your system can produce.
  • Smells and Odors. Smells and odors coming from the faucet often resemble the smell of rotten eggs. This is caused by corroded pipes or the system.
  • Strange Noises. Strange noises such as popping noises or low rumbling are caused by boiling water. This is often the result of sediment buildup within the water heater. When this problem occurs, a thorough flushing of the water heater often resolves the noises and the boiling.
  • Water Leaks. A leaky water heater can quickly damage floors and personal property. Leaks often occur when the T&P valve fails. However, if the leak is caused by rust in the tank itself, the tank will need to be replaced rather than repaired.

Contact Dick Scott at (513) 921-2254 for more information about the symptoms your water heater is showing. Our crews can help you assess the problem and identify the appropriate solution to restore the flow of hot water from your faucets and showers. 

Water Heater Service in Cincinnati

Regular service and maintenance can extend the operational life span of your hot water heater. Regular maintenance of your water heater should include inspections of your pressure valve, flushing the tank, testing the pilot, and ensuring that all tubes, pipes, and electrical connections are solid and secure.

Maintaining a water heater is a fairly straightforward process. For most homes, the process takes less than an hour to perform all the necessary tasks. You should plan to flush your system at least once every six months, and schedule a full inspection of your water heater at least once every year. If you have an older unit or a unit that is prone to problems, you may want to adjust this schedule to increase the frequency of service.

Regularly servicing your hot water heater in Cincinnati will do more than prolong the life span of the unit; it will reduce your energy bills and ensure that you always have the hot water you need when you want it.

Contact Dick Scott at (513) 921-2254 for more information about water heater service. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and schedule a maintenance call to inspect your system.