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Air Filtration Systems in the Cincinnati Area

Were you aware that, according to the EPA, the air in your home could contain anywhere from double to five times the amount of pollutants that outdoor air contains? It’s quite true, and if you’re a resident in Cincinnati you may very well feel—and breathe—it! Wrestling with dusty, dander-filled indoor air can present a considerable challenge with traditional cleaning tools alone.

This is why the indoor air quality experts at Dick Scott Plumbing, Heating & Air are proud to offer top-class air filtration systems. Our indoor air quality specialists have extensive experience and training, providing you with a single source for all of your HVAC service and home comfort needs.

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What Are Air Filtration Systems?

There are quite a few indoor air quality systems on the market today, and many of them are utilized to handle very specific pollutants, pathogens, or odors. Air filtration systems are designed to be something of a coverall and built to handle a plethora of indoor air-specific problems in order to provide you with cleaner air. These systems are integrated with your ductwork in most cases, where they can interact with the closed loop of your HVAC equipment. This way they treat as much air as possible.

Most air filtration systems utilize ionization, electromagnetism, or simple fine-thread filters in order to catch pollutants. They are capable of grabbing up the vast majority of airborne particles, helping to remove these common pollutants from your indoor air:

  • Common dust and dust mites
  • Mold spores
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Smoke from cooking
  • VOCs
  • And more

Air Filtration System Installation in Ohio

As an Ohio homeowner, you deserve to maintain a healthy and clean home. Dick Scott can help you get it, as our indoor air quality technicians are trained, licensed, and certified—we’re your best choice when it comes to getting healthier, cleaner home air! Our team will analyze your current HVAC setup, as well as the size and layout of your home. With that information, we can determine what filtration systems will best meet your needs and offer a range of products specifically chosen according to your budget and preferences.

Once the right system is in hand, our professional installers will integrate your new air filtration equipment and optimize the system for peerless performance. You’ll have cleaner home air on day one! And you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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When you’re ready to enjoy cleaner, better-smelling, and healthier home air in Ohio, call on Dick Scott Plumbing, Heating & Air. We are members of the National Comfort Institute and completely dedicated to bringing you the quality solutions and systems you need. Whether you’re interested in finding out more, or you’re ready to schedule a consultation, reach out to Dick Scott any time.

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