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Heating Repair in Cincinnati, OH

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Furnaces are the heart of the modern home. When they fail to deliver the heat you require, they can cast a chill throughout your home. For more than 90 years, Dick Scott Plumbing, Heating and Air has delivered top-quality heating system repair services to homes and businesses throughout Ohio. When your heating system fails, our technicians have the skills and training you can depend on to get the heat back on.

Contact our HVAC repair technicians in Cincinnati by calling Dick Scott at (513) 921-2254. Our HVAC technicians are happy to help identify the problems with your heating system and schedule a service call to perform the necessary repairs.

When to Contact the Heating Repair Professionals in Cincinnati

It is common for people to wait until a furnace fails before calling an HVAC technician. However, the longer you wait, the more likely you are to cause additional damage to the system. That is why we recommend contacting an HVAC repair service as soon as problems begin to emerge.

Symptoms you should not ignore include diminished heat output, cold air blowing from the vents, erratic thermostat readings, and sporadic cycling. You should also keep an eye out for unusual noises and smells, difficulty keeping the pilot lit, and any warnings from your carbon monoxide detectors.

Common Furnace Problems in Your Cincinnati Home

Furnaces are designed to work 24/7, 365 days a year. This puts significant wear and tear on the system. Over time, filters get dirty, electric ignitions wear out, belts fray and break, pilot controls clog up, and wires within the thermostat and control panel come loose. These problems can diminish the reliability and effectiveness of your heating system and shorten the unit’s life span.

Our technicians combine state-of-the-art technology with years of experience to quickly identify and correctly address the problem. This helps prolong the life span of your unit and ensure that it delivers the energy-efficient warmth and comfort your family desires.

Contact Dick Scott at (513) 921-2254 for more information about our HVAC repair services. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and identify the most effective solutions for your HVAC needs.

Heat Pump Repairs in Cincinnati

Sudden loss of heat, cold air blowing through the vents, sporadic cycling, and odd noises are all symptoms that your heat pump is failing. These common heat pump problems require the skilled hands of a knowledgeable technician to repair. Our team knows how to apply the appropriate corrective action to achieve optimal performance. We can also recommend preventative maintenance steps you can take in order to minimize the potential for future breakdowns.

Contact Dick Scott at (513) 921-2254 for more information about our heat pump repair services. We are happy to answer your questions and can schedule repairs that fit smoothly into your schedule. 

Professional HVAC Contractor in Cincinnati

Our technicians can identify and repair any problem your heating system is having. This includes faulty thermostats, broken belts, faulty relays, clogged igniters, damaged burners, and much more. We will thoroughly assess and troubleshoot your system so that every part is properly inspected and the correct repairs are performed.

Contact Dick Scott at (513) 921-2254 for more information about our heating system repair services. We will assess the symptoms over the phone and provide this information to your service technician before they arrive so they can identify the most likely causes of your heating system failure.